Assemble Sports is a technology company on a mission to help sports thrive.

We develop frictionless products that keep organisations, fans and players connected and engaged, from elite level to grassroots competitions.

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Registration simplified

We know first hand that the registration process for sports has been unnecessarily difficult.  Our registration platform cuts out the unnecessary and gets you through the process with less clicks and repetition so you can get on with playing.

Registration is often a participant's first interaction with a sport and so the interface and experience should be top of mind when choosing a solution.

An Administration Platform Designed For Your Sport

A modern, intuitive and flexible administration platform that raises the bar on sports software

Competition Management

Setting up competitions, managing fixtures, managing hierarchies, assigning officials. We know clunky, overly complicated competition management platforms can lead to frustration and wasted time - not at Assemble Sports.

Event Management

All within the one platform, an event can be set up in a few minutes. Easily clone an event that you run every season and save hours of time with our quick setup features.


The same goes for memberships. Make a membership a pre-requisite for a participant to register to an event. Every single detail will be stored against that member's profile so you have a full picture of their journey with your sport.


Fixturing or scheduling matches is one of the greatest pain points for a sports administrator. Our fixturing solution is effortless and easy to use and allows for multiple visual interfaces, mid-season re-grading and allows you to manage venue availability and fixture eveness.


Seamless payment interfaces and efficient and accurate disbursements of funds is a given on our platform.  We pride ourselves in delivering the best payments experience no matter how large or small your sport.

Dashboard and Insights

Get the full picture across your sport. No longer will you be told that you cannot report on a particular data point or part of your sport. We understand that high quality reportable data will allow for better decisions and we want to partner with you to grow your sport.

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Match Day and Participant Apps

A fully integrated solution that allows you to capture results on the day with ease and to share the results live.  All your match day attendance management needs covered and now the ability to Quick Register participants on the day!


Are you trying to engage your sports community? Through our games platform, we can create interactive solutions that will engage your fans and provide new opportunities to activate your commercial partner rights via our "Fan Team Selection" and "Fantasy" related products.

Consulting services

A business built on strategy, innovation and implementation. With a deeply ingrained history and focus within sports, technology and management consulting, the Assemble leadership team's unique skill set will ensure you unlock your sports potential.


Your website can tell the world who you are... Leveraging market leading platforms, Assemble ensures your organisation leaves a great impression on those that matter!