Disability Sports Australia (DSA) tasked Assemble Sports to provide a digital solution for the AFL Wheelchair National Championships, which comprised of eleven elite AFL wheelchair teams. Assemble was to create a custom competition with multiple divisions, register all participants, assign them to teams, and set up a match centre. This case study examines how Assemble delivered a tailored solution that streamlined the registration process and provided an engaging experience for participants and fans alike.

Why Assemble Was Chosen

Assemble was chosen for its expertise in providing custom digital solutions and its reputation for delivering projects that meet the unique needs of its clients. Disability Sports Australia, who ran the AFL Wheelchair National Championships needed a solution that could simplify the registration process, allow the administrators to easily set up competitions and draws and provide real-time results and statistics for the match centre. Assemble's ability to build custom features tailored to the event's specific needs made them the ideal partner for this project.

The Solution Delivered by Assemble

Assemble's solution involved developing a registration hub with custom fields designed for DSA members. This allowed all athletes to register or be uploaded with ease. Assemble also developed a competition platform that applied all competition settings, such as duration, rounds, and squads specific to the unique requirements of the AFL Wheelchair National Championships. This served as the backbone of the event, allowing Assemble to bring the match centre to life.

Assemble's flexible draw builder allowed the team to build an initial draw and adjust it on the fly as needed. This was particularly important given the limited number of courts available. The match centre developed by Assemble was a central hub for fans, athletes, and administrators, providing real-time results, statistics, and a ladder, among other features. Assemble provided the match centre in two ways: as a web app and integrated widgets into the AFL Wheelchair National Championships website, https://www.wheelchairaflchampionship.au/match-centre.

The Result

Assemble's digital solution for the AFL Wheelchair National Championships was a huge success. The streamlined registration process allowed participants to register with ease, and the custom competition settings and match centre provided an engaging and interactive experience for all participants and fans. Assemble's commitment to delivering tailored solutions played a critical role in the success of the event.

"Assemble Sports were professional and easy to work with, they created an exceptional digital solution for the AFL Wheelchair National Championships. Assemble developed custom features and provided real-time results, making it easy for fans and athletes to follow the action. Their streamlined registration process and flexible draw builder allowed us to adjust the schedule on the fly. Overall, they delivered a dynamic, engaging experience for all." - Max Reilly - Communications and Events Officer, Disability Sports Australia


Assemble's tailored digital solution for the AFL Wheelchair National Championships demonstrated the importance of delivering custom solutions that meet the unique needs of clients. Their ability to develop a flexible, scalable solution at speed that handled complex registration processes and provided real-time results and statistics were critical to the success of the event. Assemble continues is a trusted partner for its clients seeking to leverage the power of digital solutions to enhance their events and deliver a superior user experience.