Registration - the crucial gateway into the world of sports participation. It’s the first interaction, the initial step that connects players, coaches, volunteers and organisers to their chosen sport. 

Yet, too often, this critical first step has been cluttered with unnecessary hurdles and frustrations. At Assemble Sports, we understand this firsthand. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the recent release of our new registration portal - designed to further simplify the process and enhance your experience with every click.

Navigating the registration process shouldn’t feel like a complex task. With our platform, we’ve cut out the unnecessary clutter and streamlined the journey, ensuring that everyone spends less time clicking through repetitive steps and more time focused on the game.

We recognise that the interface and user experience are paramount when selecting a registration solution. That is why our platform is specifically designed with user-friendliness in mind. Whether you are an experienced user or a newcomer to the sport and exploring what is available, our intuitive interface ensures effortless navigation, ensuring users aren’t left struggling with basic functions.

What's New?

So, how does the new dashboard work, and what sets it apart? Let’s take a closer look:

1. Tailored Roles and Functions:

Upon entering the registration dashboard, if you do not already have a direct link to your desired product, users are prompted to select the type of registration they are looking for – whether it be as a player, coach, volunteer, manager, or any other designated role. 

This customisation ensures that each user's experience is tailored to their specific needs and will start to filter toward their desired product.

2. Personalised Options:

After selecting their desired role, users are presented with a range of tailored options. Whether it's creating or joining a team, becoming a member, or signing up for an event or competition, again, our platform will ensure you are taken to the relevant products and reduce the complexity.

3. Personalised Product Selection View:

Our platform will then provide users with a grid of relevant products, filtered based on the information provided in their profile and the options they have just selected. This streamlined approach ensures that users only see what's relevant to them, saving time and minimising confusion.

4. Family Panel:

With the ability to manage multiple members within one account, Assemble Sports simplifies the registration process for families. Whether registering children or other dependents, users can keep track of all registrations in one centralised location. With the click of a button, the user can switch which member they wish to register, and all products within the platform will dynamically adjust based on eligibility (age, gender).This makes life easier for the user in undertaking the registration, and also for the administrator as it significantly reduces the risk of incorrect registrations.

5. National or Mandatory Memberships:

Many sports have come to us to discuss their strategic objectives and often they have an engagement and commercial plan to introduce a mandatory, rolling national membership.  Once paid at any time during the year, the member then can register in any event throughout the year knowing they have already covered off their national membership (and associated insurance cover). It can also act as an incentive for members to participate multiple times throughout the year in different formats or competitions offered by that sport.

However, sports have also come to us stating that their current system does not allow them or have the capability to set this up.  With the Assemble platform - any product can be linked to another “Required” product or membership and the user will be directed to that product within the platform to purchase that first (but still within the same transaction flow).

Accurate Data Capture

One common complaint we frequently hear about other platforms is the frustration around a registration process that fails to capture mandatory data, leading to inconsistent records and a range of duplicate profiles. 

It happens all too much as sports use older platforms with less adaptability to meet the basic needs of the sport.

We've made it our mission to address this challenge head-on by providing you with a comprehensive solution that will reclaim your valuable time. What sets us apart is our commitment to configure our platform to suit your sport's specific requirements rather than forcing your sport to conform to a generic system. 

With Assemble Sports, you can rest assured that your registration process will be both seamless and efficient, providing you with consistent and accurate records every time.

At Assemble Sports, we're passionate about simplifying the sports registration process. Our new Registration Portal is just one example of our commitment to enhancing your experience and ensuring that everyone can easily participate in the sports they love.

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