"We moved to Assemble because other technology platforms were inflexible and not willing or able to tailor the technology to suit the unique needs of our sport. We really appreciate how much the team at Assemble understands our needs and work hard to deliver a solution that works for us. They respond to our challenges quickly, and the team is easy to work with. We also realised very quickly that though we are not yet tapping into all the technology solutions that they can offer, we are excited that it is a platform that will grow with us into the future." - Robyn, Operations Manager, Fencing Victoria 


Fencing Victoria, a prominent sports organisation in Australia, faced significant challenges with their previous platform provider. They encountered frustrations stemming from the lack of customisation, limited accessibility to support, and a platform that failed to adapt to their unique needs. Seeking a solution that could address these issues and foster growth, Fencing Victoria turned to Assemble Sports, a sports technology platform known for its user-friendly approach, skilled technology team and tailored solutions. This case study highlights how Assemble Sports helped Fencing Victoria overcome their frustrations and provided them with a platform that empowers their sport.

Challenges with the Previous Platform:

Fencing Victoria's frustrations with their previous platform primarily stemmed from the lack of customisation. The organisation felt constrained by the platform.. Instead, Fencing Victoria had to adjust their needs to fit the rigid framework begin provided to them, leading to inefficiencies and compromises.

Additionally, the accessibility to support proved to be a significant challenge - reaching the right person for assistance became a convoluted process. Multiple interactions with different support personnel and delays in receiving satisfactory responses hampered Fencing Victoria's operations. The absence of personalised and timely support hindered their ability to address issues promptly and efficiently.

Hesitations About Switching Platforms:

Despite the frustrations experienced with their previous provider, Fencing Victoria initially hesitated to make the transition to a new platform. Their comfort with the familiarity of the old system played a role in this hesitation. However, when they learned that Luke, a knowledgeable professional who had previously worked with them, was involved with Assemble Sports, their confidence grew. Having experienced Luke's exceptional support and expertise in the past, Fencing Victoria recognised the potential benefits of working with him again.

Joining  Assemble Sports:

To address Fencing Victoria's hesitations and facilitate a smooth transition, Assemble Sports took a proactive approach. They understood the importance of providing comprehensive training and support during the onboarding process and beyond. By ensuring that the platform was user-friendly and tailoring it to Fencing Victoria's unique sport, Assemble Sports alleviated concerns and instilled confidence in the organisation.

Initial Reactions and Key Differences:

Upon beginning their journey with Assemble Sports, Fencing Victoria found the experience to be pleasing and easy. The team at Assemble Sports was not only friendly but also committed to delivering a platform that met their needs. Fencing Victoria appreciated the approachability and knowledge of the Assemble Sports team.

As Fencing Victoria transitioned to Assemble Sports, they noticed a significant difference in the platform's tailored approach. Unlike the old platform, which offered a one-size-fits-all model, Assemble Sports understood the importance of adapting to Fencing Victoria's specific sport requirements.

Fencing Victoria had some unique challenges in ensuring members had the adequate memberships / accreditations before being able to register to an event. Assemble spent time understanding this need before building a custom feature that could control who could and who couldn’t register to relevant events, this feature was reportable and uniquely met Fencing Victoria needs. This is one of many examples of Assemble custom building features around the needs of a client.

By actively working with Fencing Victoria to solve individual problems and enhance their user experience, Assemble Sports demonstrated its commitment to meeting the organisation's unique needs.

Positive Impacts on Fencing Victoria's Sport:

Although Fencing Victoria’s engagement with Assemble is meeting their current needs, the switch has laid a foundation for future growth. The ability to tailor the platform to their sport and the understanding that Assemble Sports has room for development and expansion has been instrumental. Fencing Victoria is confident that Assemble Sports will support their sport's progress and foster ongoing improvements. 

Recommendations and Concluding Thoughts:

Reflecting on their experience with Assemble Sports, Fencing Victoria emphasises the willingness of the Assemble Sports team to adapt to their needs. This personalised approach, combined with the platform's potential for growth, makes Assemble Sports an ideal choice for managing sports organisations. Fencing Victoria advises potential users to evaluate their current platform's limitations, providing a starting point for Assemble Sports to tailor a solution that meets their specific needs.